East Acton Scariofunk Dance Classes

Wednesdays: 5 – 6pm (Beginners/General)

All of our classes cater for ages 7+ years

From the beginner’s first steps to a level of artistic excellence, Scariofunk is a vehicle for individuals to develop their ability, to grow in strength, confidence and independence.

Scariofunk Collective CIC (Community Interest Company) is a non-profit organisation providing creative arts outlets for young people in the local community.

Dance is a fun and enjoyable way to keep fit. It is also known to help children and young people an outlet to express their feelings through movements, developing their emotional, social, technical and physical skills.

Founded in 2004 Scariofunk Collective has offered a variation of dance workshops and performance opportunities across London and the UK, helping young people of all ages to develop and achieve their individual goals, giving them the opportunity to perform and showcase their talents.

You can pay per session as a low cost of £3 per child, or pay per term at £35 for 12 wks.

For more information email [email protected] or check out their website http://scariofunk.co.uk