What is a Children’s Centre & what can you expect?

Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre offers a wide range of activities and services for people of all ages and parts of the Old Oak community in a safe and welcoming environment with modern facilities. We service the communities of Old Oak, College Park and surrounding areas, and we also offer our facilities for hire to all.

Our services include early year’s provision and family support, education and back to work initiatives, health services, sports and recreational activities. For the full range of services we provide please visit our What We Do section.

The Centre is run by the Community and Children’s Centre Manager, Jennifer Murphy, and the Community Development Group made up of parents and other key users, Ward Councillors and other Local Authority members, and our service delivery partners such as local schools.

Old Oak Children’s Centre

The Children’s Centre offers a range of services to support families to enable their children be happy, healthy and ready for school. Our activities and sessions include: health checks, antenatal, family support, fun educational play opportunities for children and advice about jobs and training for parents and carers.

The programme of activities broadly focuses on four main objectives:

> parenting skills
> school readiness for children
> work readiness for parents
> child and family health

The Old Oak Children’s Centre is 1 of 16 Children’s Centres in Hammersmith and Fulham. For details of all the other Children’s Centres in Hammersmith and Fulham please visit: www.lbhf.gov.uk/childrenscentres

Please feel free to come and visit the Old Oak Centre, we are here to work with families to help meet the needs of their children in a safe, supported and caring environment.
For the full range of services we provide please visit our What We Do section> under 5’s.

Our history

Family Mosaic, part of the Peabody Group, acquired the Old Oak Housing estate and Community Centre following a local authority stock transfer with Hammersmith and Fulham in 1999. As part of the stock transfer agreement Old Oak Housing Association was created to manage both the housing estate and the community centre.
In 2007, Old Oak Housing Association achieved children’s centre status and qualified for capital grant from Hammersmith and Fulham. With match funding provided by Old Oak and Family Mosaic the Centre was refurbished in 2009 to provide a multi purpose building combining both a community and Sure Start Children’s Centre.