Waste not, on our Plot!

October 11, 2012 in News by Old Oak Centre

Family Mosaic and Accuro – one of our Grounds & Maintenance contractors – have provisional plans to create a Green Waste Facility on a disused plot of land in the Old Oak Estate The Facility will be located on the corner of Wulfstan Street and Old Oak Lane, and members of the community will be able to bring in their organic waste and convert it into compost and wood chip. The development of the site will includ removing invasive species,  soil and debris, tidying the pre-existing car park area and replacing broken fencing and erecting bays within the area for varying green waste.

We’re really excited about the community engagement and regeneration potential of this project, not to mention the awareness of sustainability and recycling it will generate. We are securing planning permission and raising awareness of the works amongst residents in the next couple of weeks, before development can begin.