Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities – starts 12 September

September 9, 2019 in News by Old Oak Centre

Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) 12th September 2019 10am -1pm

About the programme

SFSC runs for three hours a week for 13 weeks. Week one is an introductory session where you can find out more. You can join up to week three. This is a popular parenting programme for parents and carers with children aged 3 – 19. The programme is for parents and carers from all backgrounds who would like to work on their parenting skills and build positive relationships with their children. 

Topics include:

Understanding children’s development

• Building positive family relationships

• Valuing family and cultural traditions

• 10 steps to positive discipline

• Handling stress and anger

• Community involvement

Other parents have said the programme has helped them with:

• Better communication

• Enjoying family activities

• Community activities

• Meeting other parents and sharing ideas

• Confidence and self esteem

• Managing their children’s behaviour

• Managing anger

• Solving problems

All groups end with a celebration

with certificates and parents are given a free parenting manual.

The programme is free and a crèche/childcare and refreshments are usually available.

The following groups are also available:

• Fathers only

• Parents with learning difficulties

• In Bengali, Somali and Turkish

For more information about this programme please contact Sandra Simeon on 07702970887 or Katy Mbanefo on 07723913425