If you would like to get involved in our services please give us a call on 020 8740 8008 or contact us on our email [email protected].  We will ask you to register with the Centre by completing a simple form with your details. We will then help you get involved in the services or groups you are interested in joining.

In addition to the services we provide you may wish to get involved in some of Groups that have developed at our Centre. They provide a useful forum for feedback to the Centre and help us to shape and prioritise our services, provide a forum for discussing common issues, training, advice, support and much more.

Community Development Group – oversees the running of the Centre as an advisory group to the Old Oak Housing Association board of management. The group is made up of Local Authority members including Ward Councillors, and delivery partners such as local schools, and service users with an emphasis on parents. The group reviews data and feedback to shape and prioritise the services we provide, develops our policies and procedures for Board approval, manages our resources, and ensures we are delivering against our plans and service level agreements.

Parents Forum – Provides a regular get together for parents to discuss common issues and share problems, whilst engaging training services, advice and support, and providing feedback to the centre. Your views are important to us and this is a great forum for having your say and helping us to provide the best possible services with the resources we have available.

Volunteering – Volunteering is a great way to build up your confidence, expand your knowledge, develop your skills and improve your CV as well as giving some time back and to help others. If you would like more information about volunteering opportunities, please speak to Jennifer Murphy on 0208 740 8008.